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The US Constitution’s Relationship to Law, Ethics, and Morality

September 16th, 2017|Comments Off on The US Constitution’s Relationship to Law, Ethics, and Morality

Recently, I was asked to share my thoughts as to whether law, ethics, and moral beliefs always align and how it relates in today’s political environment.  In short, yes I believe law, ethics, and moral [...]

Freedom of Association

May 16th, 2017|Comments Off on Freedom of Association

As many of you are aware, or perhaps not aware, the State of Alabama signed into law House Bill 24. This bill provides protections “to prohibit the state from discriminating against or refusing to license a [...]

  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

April 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Right to Keep and Bear Arms

In Alabama, Senate Bill 24 is back for another round this year. It’s failed multiple years in a row thanks to the unconstitutional Sheriffs in this state, their criminal organization known as the Alabama Sheriff’s [...]

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