The Constitution Party of Alabama is a statewide political party composed of Alabama citizens who support efforts to promote a responsible, responsive, and representative government that respects the limits created by both the State and Federal Constitutions.


Our Mission

The Constitution Party of Alabama works to provide a clear choice of responsible policies and candidates. Our candidates pledge to provide leadership and to respect the rights of every individual by placing the protection of those rights as the primary function of government.  We believe that a smaller, responsible and representative government, which adheres to the limiting constitutional principles, can achieve a safe and prosperous life for its citizens and future generations.


Our Philosophy

  1. The Constitution is the prime law of the land. The limits imposed on government by the people ensure the right to life, liberty, family, property and personal freedom for all.
  2. Prosperity can only be achieved by restricting government regulation and control which ensures that government resources are available to those who need it most.
  3. All human life is to be protected and respected; from conception to natural death.
  4. An opportunity to earn a living wage is a fundamental right that results in individual self-respect, increase in public resources, a reduction in government dependency, and a stronger more stable State.
  5. Our country’s founders established State’s Rights as a necessary check and balance against Federal power.
  6. Individual, family and property rights are the cornerstone of personal freedom and liberty.
  7. American Sovereignty is the wall that protects us against unjust wars, foreign spending, and entangling alliances.
  8. Personal responsibility and accountability are essential for maintaining a free society.


Why a 3rd Party?

American freedom and prosperity have always thrived when individual freedom and choice is exercised. The Constitution Party of Alabama provides a clear difference from the existing political landscape. While the current two major parties divide our State and country, we bring people together in order to find common sense solutions to complex problems.

Our candidates are held accountable by our members in order protect you and your hard earned tax dollars. Government corruption by the two major parties such as the Jefferson County Sewer Scandal, Bingo Legislation Bribery, and misuse of the Gulf Oil Spill funds has cost Alabama taxpayers billions in hard earned tax money. Government, as usual, has taken our State down an unsustainable path. CP of Alabama candidates are not controlled by lobbyists and special interests. Our candidates are supported by and represent YOU!